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G-ONE INC is an IT company based in Osaka, Japan. Web system development, application development and our USB CLOUD service are our primary focus. G-ONE is also highly active in the medical IT sector. Whether you need a website or a mobile application, we can help! Our extensive experience & know-how ensures that you get the website and/or application that best fits your needs.

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usb cloud

USB Cloud

USB CLOUD is a dedicated USB terminal with a unique ID recognition system.
It is an easy-to-use tool for specified web content viewing. Plug the USB CLOUD Key into the USB port of any device with internet access and it launches a web browser, instantly taking your audience to your specified online destination.

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life bind


The Life-Bind Pen is a barcode scanner that easily lets you learn about products or purchase items online. Customers
can shop for their favorite products
simply by scanning the supported*
barcodes in their favorite magazines &
catalogues, or by scanning barcodes found on everyday items.

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G-ONE Tablet

Our new tablet PC is an affordable alternative for your computing needs. this tablet has a 7-in. screen, and
employs an Android OS.

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Need a Japanese website? We can help!

Our professional and friendly staff will help you through the process of redesigning and rewriting your website to fit a Japanese audience. Our translators will ensure the Japanese is natural and easy to understand, while making sure that nothing is lost in the translation.